Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ug Ug (Hello, hello)

Besides having two heads and casting blood lust, the Orc ogres left spiffy-looking decaying corpses.

Back when I was playing Warcraft II, I loved to play the ugly green Orcs and disliked playing the sissy humans. The Orcs had 2-headed ogres that cast blood lust on each other while the pansy knights healed everything. The humans had effeminate Legolas-style archers and the Orcs recruited axe-hucking beserkers with Mohawks. Transportation by air for the Orcs consisted of flying on a dragon whereas lowly humans rode over-sized chicken hawks. And, finally, and certainly not the least of the Orcish appeal, the Orc language consisted of a great many cool sounds ("dabu", "zugzug") whereas humans just spoke English.

I so loved Warcraft II and the Orcs that when it came time to adopt a nom de plume for anonymous posting on Usenet, I chose "Orchid". Of course, being female in a largely male forum and my twisted logic and love of ugly brutes escaping most sane people, everyone thought I was naming myself after a flower. The truth is that, at that time, I didn't even know what an Orchid looked like, let alone want to be associated with something so girly.

I never quite convinced anyone that I wasn't a flower despite many attempts to convince them that I was allying my identity with ogres and trolls and death knights (oh my). However, I did eventually get one of my best gaming buddies (now a good buddy all around, henceforth to be referred to as "the wombat stuffer") to stop referring to me as a "talking flower".

This is the third public blog that I've created and I've gone back to my anonymous roots for this one and named it for my original virtual pen name. The first one was immensely popular, but I made the mistake of letting it be known to certain family members and things I said caused trouble. As for this one, I'm not advertising, and I'm guessing it won't easily be stumbled upon, but that's just fine with me.

It's hard to believe this is what so wasted my time and inspired me.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Orchid64!
It's a good name! That takes me back to the old days and my Apple IIc but I don't remember what the game we played was called.
I volunteered at my daughter's school working with the kids on the Commedore 64s. There were only 2 of those state of the art computers; most of the kids made do with computers that had tape recorders to load the software!

Carl said...

I find it vaguely amusing (and somewhat fitting) that I recall the talking flower issue, but don't remember anything about the orcs (aside from a shared fascination with WCII in general). I'll have to keep that in mind next time I try to annoy you.

Orchid64 said...

The funny thing is that I recall specifically that you argued with me about the Orcs thing and how it was unreasonable for anyone to draw a connection between my Usenet name and Warcraft. Mind you, you argued in a charming, loony way, not an overbearing or quarrelsome way. ;-)