Sunday, June 22, 2008


One of my students went to an onsen for 5 days and brought back a little gift-wrapped box containing a pair of Japanese wooden dolls called Kokeshi. The dolls are hand-painted and very shiny. They're the sort of classic souvenir that people who travel around Japan buy and take home for relatives or to display as a classic slice of Japanese culture. They're cute, but looking at them makes me ask the question, "which one is the evil twin?" ;-)


badmoodmike said...

One might say the one on the right, in red, would be the evil one being that she's flashier than her subdued counterpart.

This, however, is usually wrong. It's the quiet ones that blend in better that you have to worry about.

I'd leave the lights on and not fall asleep if I were you...

Orchid64 said...

I was thinking the one in black might be seen as more evil since the bad guy always wears black.

Since they're armless and legless, I'm not too worried at night...though I guess one could roll over and lodge itself in my windpipe. ;-)