Friday, November 7, 2008

Stuff and Happiness

I'm not the type of person who finds much happiness in "stuff". I don't shop for amusement. I don't collect anything (at least not anymore) and I don't expect (but do appreciate) gifts. That doesn't mean I'm utterly immune to the charms of material possessions in life. While, the thing that makes me happiest is attention from my sweet little hairy hubby, there are objects that give me pleasure. I think that's part of the nature of corporeal existence and that we can embrace the pleasure we get from things as long as our lives are not defined or totally fulfilled by them.

Lately, I've been feeling pretty down for a variety of reasons. One is that I seem to be slowly succumbing to a cold. Another is that some of the discussions and circumstances surrounding the recent election were a bit depressing. For instance, when I learned that 69% of black California voters voted to support the ban on gay marriage, I was greatly disheartened to see a formerly oppressed minority act so strongly to oppress another minority, particularly in light of Obama's victory. I also was not happy that a student I hoped never to see again was heading back into my life, albeit for a temporary stint.

Bad times can often be lightened unexpectedly though. The student I didn't want to see canceled her lesson today as did another student so I get to rest a lot today when I feel under the weather. I also got two big surprises yesterday in unassuming packages which really brightened my day.

The CH went to Costco 3 days ago and he picked me up a few surprises. Ferrero Rocher is one of my favorite candies and he procured a large box of them for me in addition to some gorgeously yummy almond roca. I haven't broken into them yet and, in fact, will be hiding them in the closet for awhile so that I'm not overly tempted to indulge. Ideally, I'd like to save them such that I have an appreciable amount left around Christmas. However, the thought he put into buying things he knows I like is warming weather I get a sugar high off of them immediately or not. Also, frankly, with a looming cold, good sweets are wasted since my sense of taste may be diminished.

The second gift came from my sister and that was Adobe Creative Suite 4 Design Premium collection for Macintosh. I'm extremely happy to get this update. I'm looking forward to learning how the new stuff works and installed it on my aging Mini yesterday. There's a CD with the discs with two hours of tutoring. I'm very, very grateful to her and one of her associates who are responsible for graciously giving me this.

So, even though I don't focus excessively on material items or tend to use them to make me happy, they do sometimes shine a little light into my darker days, and yesterday was a very good day in that regard.

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Dateline Osaka said...

Ohhhh how lucky! ^_^ It's kind of nice to have surprise creature comforts sent your way when you're feeling under the weather. Nobody really neeeeeds them, but they can be pretty nice when the time is right! I treated myself to a few bits from the Gap today (since it's nearly the only retailer whose clothes I can FIT IN in Japan), which was nice while I've been feeling like crap. I did need a few winter clothes, but my husband's probably going to kill me when I tell him...

I do hope you feel better soon...What crummy luck to have caught a cold. At least you didn't have to deal with the student, though. Is it one you've mentioned before? Please take care.