Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mamador Bean Cakes

Two gifts from two different students (for my CH) in one day. A box of Mamador bean cakes from Takashimaya in Shinjuku and some macademia nuts from Saipan.

Sometimes I wonder how long I'd have to live in Japan to sample every white bean cake on the market. No matter how many we try, more keep popping up. And, we've tried a lot. My husband was given a new variety today as a gift from a student for no particular reason. Japanese people are like that.

When I say "new", I mean "new to us" only. Apparently the company that makes these has been in business since 1946. It's easy to miss any particular Japanese sweet when you're shopping. Department stores have miles and miles of them available and it'd be impossible to buy or try them all. That means that some real gems can slip under your radar and these cakes are pretty, shiny diamonds amongst white bean cakes. In fact, they're my husband's new favorite among the types you can pick up pre-boxed (and locally).

The picture of the inside of these cakes makes them look like like they're full of some sort of yellow or fruit jelly, but they are full of super moist white beans surrounded by a moist cake-like shell. Most bean cakes are relatively dry and their fillings can be downright powdery at times. These are full of butter and milk and the flavor is reminiscent of vanilla cake.

It strikes me that these would make an excellent souvenir to take back home as it's a Japanese sweet which I'm sure even squeamish eaters would enjoy. They're just a little hard to find though unless you happen to live in the right location.


Dateline Osaka said...

I'm supposed to be on some kind of starvation diet to satisfy Mom, but sign me up! Can I find these things in my neck of the woods? They sound wonderful!!! ^_^

Orchid64 said...

Heh, I think Mom will have to live with your gaijin proportions. ;-)

I don't think they are sold in Osaka, unfortunately. The web site seems to have information for ordering by free dial though so they could be delivered via courier if you wanted to sample them.

Thanks for commenting!

CMUwriter said...

They look good, like lemon bars or something. I'm kinda hungry this morning.