Saturday, July 5, 2008

LOL Wombat

First of all, let me say that I actually don't like the whole LOL cat thing. While I love cats and the occasional picture of one, I don't like the infantile misspelling and incorrect grammar that accompany such pictures. I'm sure that the plethora of such pictures of all stripes will breed a new legion of young people who are even worse than the crop which finds typing "you" to be too cumbersome a task so they type "u" or those who think that ROTFLMAO is actually a word you can say (apparently pronounced "rofflemao"). I probably have a missing component in my sense of humor that makes me immune to why the things written on the pictures are funny. I imagine it's the humor equivalent of being color blind.

That being said, I accidentally created something which my husband said reminded him of those cats and he dubbed it an LOLWombat. My friend wanted a wombat graphic for a web site he's going to make and I suggested a pirate wombat to suit the site's possible title. Unfortunately, the graphic I made is too spastic for his tastes and freaks him out a bit so he can't bear to look at it every time he logs in.

Ahoy, I'll beat anyone who makes me talk like an LOLcat t' death. Gar.

A good freak out is a terrible thing to waste so here it is for you. Personally, I see him saying things like "Yarrrr," "Arrrgh" and "Avast, ye scurvy prairie dogs!" However, you can attach any LOL-style caption you like to it as long as you don't share it with me. ;-)


spot_the_dog said...

G'day, mate. I haz got LOLwombats.

Orchid64 said...

Noooooo! Not the wombats! ;-)

Cute site, spot. Thanks for commenting.

badmoodmike said...

Oh, my. That pic is not the cutest wombat I've ever seen. LOL! Kinda scary, that.

Combat Wombat is a must see: Click Here

Orchid64 said...

Pirate wombats are supposed to be ugly and scary! ;-)

I watched the combat wombat, but he was so skinny! Cute video though!