Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Three Blogs Full

As I'm sure regular readers have noticed, I haven't been posting nearly as much lately. The reason for this is that I'm currently running three blogs and I'm finding it hard to work up the energy to attend as much to this one. One of those blogs is known to readers of this one, but the other is a protected blog which can only be accessed with a password. That blog is for my students and includes photos which I don't want to put out in the wild where just anyone can see them both to protect my privacy and the privacy of those who are in the pictures (particularly family).

The private blog for my students is only dealt with once a week and the snack review blog is "only" every other day, but both seem to be draining my creative battery disproportionately. Mainly what I find being the case is that all of the thoughts that I used to blog about still occur to me and I think I'm going to write about them, but I end up just brushing them aside and forgetting about them because I'm tired.

I'm hoping to get back on track, or at least find a way to more regularly update this blog by devoted scheduled time to it. Watch this space.

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